Zbigniew SacharukConstruction engineer, designer, manager

"Never be afraid to do something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the titanic." - Henry Ford

- I like smart engineering structures,
- I like dogs,
- Fascinating characters: Boleslaw the Brave, Jules Verne, Napoleon, Wilson Cherchil, Clinda Eastwood…

  • Birth date : 26/07/1952
  • Phone : +48 502 565 318
  • Email : zb.sacharuk@gmail.com
  • Website : www.polswiss.com.pl


Curriculum Vitae


First 15 years of my Childhood lived in Duszniki Zdroj covered the kindergarden time, 8-classes primary school, different sport activities, scouting, kayaking, summer camps, family expeditions across the forest, fishing and do-it-yourself DIY activity.

Period of high school (Technical Building) is fulfilled with learning of basics of construction profession, books reading, engagement and work for youth organizations, practicing sport and collegial relationships in the dormitory and unforgettable beautiful friendships at school. It was also school of life and development of personality. Successful Abitur and diploma of technician of building structures brought lot of satisfaction.

Study at the Technical University - period is related to the dynamic professional development as Structural Engineer, commitment to beautiful friendship, interesting undertaken with colleagues, young love, marriage and the first taste of defeat. Joy and fear if I cope with responsibilities...


The first employment experience, construction site of Huta Katowice. It was a great adventure and real meeting with construction engineering (organizing and surveying of carpenter and steel fixer (ferrailleurs) brigades, planning and maintenance of structural material and equipment. Finally I become graduated with Official Certificate of Professional Qualifications for the performance of independent technical functions in civil engineering.

Mile stones of private life: Building of an own house in Oltaszyn-Wrocław - was an adventure and big step on the path of personal development that enable me to make a family, improve English, develop hobbies like sailing, skiing and rock climbing; and Emigration to Switzerland.

Emigration to Switzerland Continuing the personal development principles I added to my CV professional experiences as design engineer, learned languages (German, French), got married in Switzerland and became father of a daughter.


Emigration to Canada. Following personal development I entered university of Sherbrooke where I worked as assistant and accomplished doctor study with PhD in Civil Engineering. Parallel I worked as project manager for SM Group homologated my master Diploma (of Poland) and traveled across the North-American continent. My family growth of two sons.

Return to Switzerland. Employee by steel factory as a project manager of steel structures. Work as independent engineer followed by opening of an own consulting office for structural engineering ingenieurbüro Z.Sacharuk LtD in Münchenstein and by three design offices POLSWISS in Poland (Wroclaw, Krakow, Warszawa).


Realization of complex projects in Poland: Building B4 (12’000.m2) of Mechanical Faculty of Technical University of Wroclaw; Cement Plant ‘Podgrodzie’ in Raciborowice; Hotel Radisson in Wroclaw; Production Plant ‘Funke’ in Kondratowice; Production Plant ‘Colex’ in Zgierz; Production Plant ‘Rolls Royce’ (extention), Gravel Plant Cabala in Dabrowa Gornicza; Library Building for Technical University ‘Politechnika Wroclawska’ in Wroclaw; Library Building for Medical Academy in Wroclaw, Hotel Campanila in Wroclaw; ‘Odra Tower’ apartment building in Wroaclaw; Shopping Center ‘Kaufland in Legnica.

International projects: Cement Plants, Steel Foundry Plants, hospitals, hangars, bridges and apartment blocks in Europe, China, Saudi Arabian, Vietnam and Africa.

Professional career

Klematis 1994-....

Shareholder and manage by Polswiss Group, design-and-build companies in Poland and Switzerland

Shareholder, Chairman of the Board, designer and head of marketing activities; preparation of bids, tenders, contracts, orders; project management, authors supervision, respond to claims for additional work, mistakes of execution, etc. Consulting.

Klematis 1991-1993

Project manager, chief structural engineer – Jakem AG, Münchwilen, Switzerland

Conceptual designs, static calculations, execution projects, workshop supervision (fabrication of steel structures), management of assembling works: industrial halls, trafo-stations, production buildings, office buildings, towers.

Klematis 1986-1990

Project manager / designer of supporting structures – Le Group SM

  • - Research projects for industry, expertise,
  • - design of reinforced concrete and steel structures for Le Group SM company.

Klematis 1985-1986

Project manager / designer of supporting structures – MONOD SA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Projects of reinforced concrete structures and steel structures: concepts of supporting structures, static and dynamic calculations, leading / managing project teams

Klematis 1981-1985

Assistant of project manager; chief structural engineer; static calculation – GEILINGER AG, Winterthur

Design of steel structures: Static calculations, drawings, engineering, supervision on construction sites. Design of high voltage transmission lines, large space roofs ‘MERO’, Geilinger share heads for concrete slabs

Klematis 1977-1981

Construction foreman, facility managerBUDOSTAL-4, Krakow / AGROMET, Wrocław

Construction site Huta Katowice at Dąbrowa Dórnicza, Rolling Mill Great: block foundation, industrial buildings


Klematis 1994-1994

Application of regression analysis for research – Zürich Technical University, ETH, Department of Statistics, Zürich, Switzerland

Postgraduate Course: Statistics. Diploma-certificate of completion.

Klematis 1986-1990

PhD student. Thesis: "Parametric failure criterion and optimization of structural components made of composite materials." – Université de Sherbrooke, Départament génie civil, Sherbrooke, Québec, Kanada

4.5 years program of PhD studies; specialization:. glass fibers reinforced composite materials. Title: PhD. Sc. Tec. (Doctor of Technical Sciences)

Klematis 1972-1977

Student: building construction - Wroclaw University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering; PL

5-years Master study program; specializing in building construction. Diploma work: "Project of 11-storey residential building, using large size spatial, pre-casting 3D elements, including assembly technology."

Klematis 1967-1972

Apprentice of high technical school - Technikum Budowlane‘ in Świdnica Śl., PL

5-years technical education program; specialization in construction documentation; Thesis: "The project of sports stadium for 50'000 spectators. Design of grandstand roof" Title: building technician


  • Power of execution without restriction as independent construction manager for all type of construction sites. No. AU-F 2/89/80, Wałbrzych, PL
  • Permissions for all type of design and management as independent engineer, specialization in structural and civil engineering without restrictions. Reg. No. 192/98 / Provincial Departement, Wrocław, PL


  • Project management of civil engineering
  • Project management of bridges
  • Managing construction works
  • Static and dynamic analysis
  • Expertise and technical reviews

Other skills

  • Project Management
  • Site organization
  • Management of people, material supplies, equipment, warehouses, formal and legal affairs.
  • Head of design office
  • Manager of Marketing

Membership in professional organizations

  • Since 1993: International Association for Bridge & Structural Engineering, IABSE Zuerich, Switzerland
  • Since 1994: Swiss Association of Engineers and Architects (Schweizerischer Ingenieur- und Architekten Verein; SIA), Section Basel, Switzerland
  • Lower Silesia Regional Chamber of Civil and structural Engineers, Wrocław, PL

Foreign Languages

  • English, spoken and written - advanced
  • German, spoken and written - proficient
  • French, spoken and written - proficient
  • Spanish, spoken and written - intermediate
  • Russian, both written and spoken - intermediate



Engineering and travel - welcome to my blog. (PL)




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